In which I Explain Light Particle Theory To A Roomful Of Women
In Spite Of Knowing Nothing Whatsoever About The Subject

Ian's latest novel, Hewbris, was published by Bluemoose Books in November 2022.
It's closely related to
Sloot - a post-postmodern crime anti-thriller
set on the clean streets of Dublin’s leafiest suburb - also published by Bluemoose Books.

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'The comic energy of voice and character is given genuine weight by the sense of mortality that pervades;
add a meta magnificence and you get a wonderfully funny novel bathed in a melancholic Clontarf garden light
that shines, ultimately, with life and art.'

Irish Times

‘One of the most creative and intelligent comedians I’ve ever seen’
The Guardian

‘Pre-dating and pre-empting all contemporary Irish comics,
and the originator of the most influential joke of all time,
Ian Macpherson is the Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb of stand-up comedy’

Stewart Lee

'The Comedians' Comedian's Comedian'
Harry Hill